5 scheme with white t-shirt map Spring-Summer 2016

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Similar white shirt, white T-shirt is one of the items “classics” that I think any man should own at least 1.2 so in his locker.

Blouses and shirts in general (spandex) in particular had plenty of white options to design modern clothes neck, but surely round neck and V-neck is always who “dominate”.

So, today I would like to be allowed to share 5 tips on how white T-shirt distribution map and very true to the interests and wishes of the people on the road to building a bold locker basic, but extremely simple subtle.

1. Coordinate with khaki pants

t shirt 1
Not too fussy nor too cold in expression, whereas somewhat simple and abstinence. Sometimes it’s just plain white T-shirts with the khakis mix comes accessory items such as sunglasses to the clock … So that this scheme has brought toys stylish for men and charms the opposite.

t shirt 2
There is a seemingly simple scheme in this map but made an impressive white shirt outstanding and superior power. That is the sleeves. And finally, a pair Airforce is the perfect choice for use in the circumstances not too showy, but still requires the chin chu, polite.
2. Coordinate with blazer

t shirt 1

This combination brings a minimalist style, gentle yet incredibly elegant, delicate. If you’re a man who does not like the “heavy” while wearing the suit whole but need accents, consider this choice.

t shirt 2
Colored suede jacket or blazer navy blue, V-neck T-shirt is not too baggy and eventually dark jeans or light blue color with gentle grinding will be a combination of balance which is equally impressive in the set bounce. Of course the costumes still not complete without going leather belt and boots or shoes Brogues Chelsea.

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t shirt 3
3. Coordinate with Cardigan

For colder days, the shirt Cardigan is the perfect choice. For me, the most secure set of items is always cardigan jacket + white shirt + jeans dark slippery. You can install all buttoned cardigan for a stylish elegance, or see it as a light jacket, without buttoning.
This combo combination will better with a pair of shoes or oxford style derby and add one more thing, if you are confident, increase accessory accents of large sunglasses and baseball cap hat adds to the “cool” .
4. Coordinate with suit
While white shirt and suit coordinated brings serious look, chic white t-shirt, the suit was coordinated with the perfect intersection between gentle, generous with stern features, discreetly.
We made the suit has a new face, relaxed, gentle and friendly when no tie. With this set of items, depending on the personality of every gentleman that can select additional accessories to wear to work or play.

5. Coordinate with shorts
Certainly in the hot summer weather, our men indispensable cool shorts pants. Wearing the same shorts and shirt jacket outside round neck white T-shirt or V is popular styles to create a balance in costume. This combination is very logical, inspired on holiday in calm seas and fresh.
You can work in the style map layer: Inside is a white shirt and outside a flannel shirt material. A lazy shorts and shoes will make the look comfortable, perfect for picnics.

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