Top facts about T-shirts you might not know

Top random facts about T-shirts you might not know are here in this article. They are so amazing and worthy of discovering.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho tshirt facts

1. The world’s most expensive t-shirt cost an eye watering $250,000! The t-shirt is made from pure gold and took an impressive 15 days to complete. That could buy you over 20 years worth of Graphic Tide t-shirts, wearing a new one every day!

2. Uzbekistan is the 6th largest producer of cotton in the world! Who knew?

3. It would take over 56 million medium sized ‘The Lion’ t-shirts laid next to each other to circle once around the world, blimey!

4. The world record for the most t-shirts worn by one person was 257 ! We have no idea how!

5. On Twitter, #t-shirt is mentioned the most at 3:00pm and the least at 7:00pm. Only slight problem is, we’re not sure which time zone this applies to! Any guesses?

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6. Japanese for ‘shirt’ is; シャツ

7. On average a person owns 27 t-shirts. We own far more then that! How many do you own?

8. There are more Google search results for ‘t-shirt’ then ‘beer’, ‘NFL’ & ‘Graphic design’ combined! People really do love t-shirts, thank goodness for Graphic Tide!

9. The world’s biggest t-shirt is 170 feet wide and 262 feet long. It’s made using 12,000 t-shirts.

10. Finally, if you ever play Scrabble and have the letters, t,s,h,i,r and t (tshirt, in case you didn’t spot it) and the players contest that you can’t play using the word tshirt without the hyphen, don’t worry you can use ‘thirst’, good game!

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